Composer - Educator - Performer


As a vibraphonist that is based out of Cleveland, Ohio, I frequently perform in cities like Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus. I received my undergraduate degree in percussion performance at Baldwin - Wallace University, and a masters in Jazz Studies at the University of Cincinnati's Conservatory of Music. It's become my goal to find a way to bridge the gap that exists in many peoples minds between different styles of music because i feel influenced by all genres. I am constantly searching for ways to grow, change, and connect with the world through my craft by destroying the barriers of genre and medium. With these limitations evaded I believe we can tap into a truly rewarding artistic experience.

 My most recent artistic endeavor is using video to try to capture the intentions in my music visually for the listener to better understand the piece. I try to show my fascination and experience with visual art and eastern philosophy which has inspired and drawn me to show contrast and conflict to convey deeper meaning.