After an exceptionally time consuming and stressful semester, we finally got into the studio to record some of the material from our combo this semester. First step into the studio caused a panic as we realized we were short on headphones for the hear back system. After we fixed that, we got chugging along. 

We knocked out most of the recordings (4 tunes) in under 4 hours, and although I was mentally fried for the final hour, i think we got some wonderfully usable takes. 

I'll say that having to be "on" mentally like that for that long is pretty exhausting, and therefore every minute in the studio is precious. It makes me worried of the future when ill be paying for studio time and doing 8 hour + days, but also excited to know that that is in my foreseeable future. As i was leaving my mind was in a haze, and was simply fixated on finding a meal. Chinese food seemed rather fitting.